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I didn’t want to have sex with my boyfriend of 3 years, I’m a virgin and was waiting until marriage, but I think that was just something I was telling myself to excuse the fact I wasn’t very attracted to him physically. It took a lot for him to get me there, and when we would do something it would all be hand or oral stuff. And even then he was so-so. A friend from years ago contacted me, we’ve reconnected, and are in a kinda fwb relationship– I want freedom since like I said, I was with the other guy for 3 years(it was kind of toxic too) and so does he, but we’re both really attracted to the other physically. This new guy, with just a few words, the sound of his voice and the way he looks at me makes me weak. Literally he had me wet and shivering after just a few lines. I reeeaalllyy want to have sex with him, I realized I don’t care about my virginity that much. The thing that makes me kind of feel like a villain is that 1. I denied my bf of 3 years sex and am so ready to drop my panties for this other guy and 2. this other guy is actually someone my bf and I had fought about to the point of almost breaking up, though at that time nothing had actually happened, I even told my bf that I didn’t see him like that and even saw him as a brother.

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