• 2 weeks ago

I think another issue of mine is I literally hte everyone I work with. Old, but especially new. My boss has fucking bad taste in people. These are not people I want anything to do with at work or especially outside of work. BUT he is a fucking tard. A complete fucking tard. I hate his tard guts too. Usually at a work place it’s hit and miss. You won’t like some, you will like some. This guy is such a loser, it shows in who he hires. I’m not so sure he could hire decent people even if he wanted to because nobody want to work for this turd. He’s a germ. I fucking hate the work culture. It needs a bomb dropped directly into the center of the building. While he is there of course. And no, I would not have a problem telling him that to his face either.

So my young honeys are pretty much it at this place. When I don’t get my fix, it’s bad.