• 3 weeks ago

I’m not getting attention from my husband so now I get it from the lawn mowing boy.

My husband lost interest soon after our honeymoon. All he wants is to sit back and get blowjobs. Nothing for me. I can’t see this situation as my future. Maybe we married too young.

The boy who mows the lawn is sleek, fit, strong, energetic and well hung. After he mows he is all sweaty so I offered him cold water and soft drinks. Then I offered him a shower. Then I offered him all of those things plus a nice massage. Soon he was in my bed licking my bun.

That gets him hard and he knows where to put it. He’s a little bigger than my husband but it’s not just the length that counts. His cock is wider too and that is very filling and feels so good.

The only concern I have is that he is a neighborhood boy and I’d like to keep this confidential plus he’s only 16. I love how muscular he is. He can really pump his cock in and out of me and I get exhausting orgasms. I give him a few blow jobs too when he stops by after school but I don’t want him to get lazy like my husband. So on mowing days he doesn’t get any oral, he gives it instead.

I wish I could help him get into and through college and married to me. I should have found him first but then I wasn’t looking for one that young. But there isn’t that much age difference between us, only 6 years.

There’s a big difference between my happiness level with him as compared to my lazy ‘suck my cock’ husband. My lawn boy knows how to lick pussy and tease my clit and bang me hard and deep. He’s never tired even after mowing the lawn. He gets really hard and he has been able to get hard again in quick order. He can go twice which most males can’t do.

He’s nice to look at and his bouncing rod is hard and hot to the touch. I need to make him a permanent fixture in my life.