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Ex wife and i divorced for many reasons but my tiny d*** was a big one. Early on when it was obvious she was not satisfied i offered all options whether it be me wearing a s******* for her or even getting real c*** from other men. I had one simple rule, to be honest with me about it. But she would not respect that one rule. Divorce was reasonably peaceful. After about a year she calls me one day and asks me to come over. I knock and hear her tell me to come on in and I walk into seeing her getting her brains fucked out by a guy on all fours. She just watched me watching. The guy just kept f****** her for a good 30 minutes and when he dumped in her he left. She turned around and gave me a good look at her p**** dripping his c**. She always knew me too well. I knelt and buried my face in her. Drank and swallowed it all his and hers. She told me i could have a go and I was in her and squirting in under a minute. Told me to clean up my own as well. Then she stood up and told me that i could watch and have seconds as long as i always clean up. I always look forward to when she texts or calls me to come have a snack.

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