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Uh… No.

I don’t think so. You ever see Cheers when Sam and Diane split for good.

I saw that yesterday, the last episode of season 5, and then immediately after they aired the first ever episode, where Diane enters the bar, Sam setting everything up, 5 seasons earlier.

Let me tell you, I am a born romantic. Classic romance. Straight romance. Classic. Sam and Diane from Cheers are probably ome of the top 5 best TV couples in the history of television. That’s my opinion, but it’s not just my opinion either.

You watch that show from start until the end of season 5, the relationship, the ups the downs, the differences between them, the social standing, where they both came from, the relationships, the s*** that happens, the times the break up, the give the take AND then it comes down the season 5 end, and god… that was seriously hard hitting. Touching.

Wow. For real. It was sad. She leaves. And never comes back.

Look at the way Sam lets her go. He knows. There were times in the show where Sam showed his vulnerability like the time Sams brother dropped by and stole everyone’s attention including hers. Sam played it tough, acted like it didn’t effect him, but when he invited Diane to take a flight with him, Sam had a hard time not begging her not to, because he loved her. That whole “go…have a good time..” she turns to go “Please don’t go with him” under his breathe. She turns back “What? What did you say “Nothing, bye, have a good time…” She turns “Diane please don’t go with him” she turns back What? Come on, what was that? She just wants to hear him say it, that he loves her and doesn’t want her to go, he’s have ng conflicting feeling.

But my point is, you watch this for 5 seasons, and then that. It was sad. He didn’t even fight it. Didn’t beg her to stay, but knew that was it. They would not see each other in 6 months. And they didn’t either. Sad. That was probably what I would consider one of the most heartbreaking screen break ups ever. They were a good couple. BUT the way he let her go. He gave her love, a kiss and told her to have a good life. That’s how you do it boys. If it doesn’t end toxic. Tell her you love her, then say goodbye and let her go. That was perfect.

It was 6 years later. The Series finale, she showed up. They didn’t get back together either. Too much time had passed. There had been other things. People change. What was right at one time is not necessarily right now.

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