• 2 months ago

2 Years since the passing of Edward Van Halen.

I was just watching an older video on YouTube “stop the tape” where he was sort of irritated that the interviewer was asking about Quincy Jones Gett my a hold of him for Michael Jackson, Beat It. He was irritated then because he’d probably been asked it 3,000,000 times at that point, but he wants the interview to be about him and Van Halen. Went he did that song, he went against what the band wanted, they didn’t think he should do it, but they were on a break, people were doing other things, in other places, he was probably being a nice guy to quincy out of respect and maybe curiosity, and did it. He actually rocked it to. He did. That’s one of MJ’s best songs, if not the best, and my personal Fave. Smooth Criminal is pretty good too. Maybe number 2.

Van Halen though, I’ll rhyme off a few good tunes here in the name of Eddie if anyone cares. Outa Love Again, Fire, Mean Street, 1984 is awesome and should IMO be part of Jump when they play it on the radio ///Sammy Era/// Good Enough, I like the cheese love songs Why Can’t This Be Love, When It’s Love, I dig solo Sammy though. Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy. It’s a good vibe. I forgot about it until I heard it one night, working at an airport, literally hanging out in the back, by myself, it was a vibe. I probably had a chick or 2 on my mind at the time. There’s so many, these just came to mind.

I remember when I was getting back into guitar to help my head in around 2006. I was throwing it out there on the internet, and I’m not a shitty guitar player, I’m pretty good on rhythm. I’m not flashy, but I was putting out a lot of enthusiasm. It was therapeutic to me and it seemed like every 2nd issue of Guitar World Magazine had Eddie on the cover. He’s on there alone or with Wolfgang a d it just felt to me like it was directed at me. Encouragement directed directly at me and it was same as other bands. Like as if Guitar World was looking at me and saying… “Oh yeah?… Well HERES THE BEST MOST PROLIFIC BAND OUT OF SEATTLE : PEARL JAM! And then next morning month Pearl Jam ///crossed out/// Nirvana ////crossed out//// SOUNGARDEN KINGS OF GRUNGE! and then SPECIAL IRON MAIDEN Legends Issue. Any influence I would lay down, there it was. There they were, it was like they were looking at me. Eddie smiling at the camera. It felt like encouragement. I actually still have these mags. Sorry to disappoint, I’m not Jesus on guitar, I wish I became a rock star. I suck.