• 1 year ago

No, actually I know what my problems are, I’m so antisocial and closed minded, I would never sit down and tell some quack faggot my problems, as if I don’t know them or think he can help it what a waste of money. I’d rather buy a new guitar, which I don’t want to buy. Much more worth jt. I actually don’t really want “help” tbh. I don’t think therapy or shit like that could help but I am too closed minded, but I do not even want “help” as if anything could. It was a bad life experience and it was my own fault. I also realize that now more than ever, I am judgmental and picky. There is a lot of women out there, I would not even go near them. I want absolutely nothing to do with them. Many people might perceive them as “attractive” or a viable option for dating, I’m looking at things that I know will be a problem for me. Maybe they are just not my type? Like this girl I’m trying to think of then profound statement she made to me one time, I think it was even more on the depressing side. It made me thing “bette Midler in Down and Out in Beverly Hills, and she just rolled it out as I was ready to go, leave, I think it was also on or around Valentine’s Day too, or something, a holiday. I was just about to leave and go about my day. It was like something profound. Do you believe in this? Or They say if it’s raining on a Tuesday morning in February, this is what it’s about. What do you think? Have your u ever heard that? I’m like Uhhhhhhhhhh… No? See ya later… I’m really trying to remember, it’s right on the tip of my tongue. It was like “what the hell are you thinking?”

But it kind of pits me off. I’m not really down with yoga and astrology, or anything’s ng Katy Perry would be. If you remind me of Katy Perry, there’s no chance. I wouldn’t date Katy Perry. She’d drive me crazy from being a bubble head.

I experience what I experience. Sometimes there’s consequences. Sometimes the consequences are hard on the brain.. I know what it was about to me, which worth shit really. That was a waste of good energy, so I assume that’s what it was related too. For all I know I was fighting someone for something I didn’t really give too much of a shit about. The one I was tight my for might not have had anything tondo with them. In blake her because that’s what it was about to me. Maybe I was wrong, but that is what it’s about to me. The fact that I am spent, can not be fixed. I don’t believe. Especially by a quack faggot. Katy Perry gets a therapist. She’s a freakin dim whit though. Duh, is math related to science? I kissed a girl and I liked it. Duh. Mercury is in retrograde and I am so stupid I actually believe that effects humans, so I am going into my bunker and not starting anything new until it’s over… Because I’m a freakin twit. Buy my ugly shoes. I need therapy.

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