• 2 weeks ago

What about those of us who don’t need to find any woman because we are tired of the shit? I could have so very many woman, I’m just not interested. Unless I am, which is rare. It isn’t very often. I don’t want a weak woman though. Vulnerability is nice. Feminism and modern woke, SJW is not ok. I hate that shit. I won’t hate this n her, I just don’t pay any attention. Shes a write-off.

But I’m generally just not interested. Like in this woman here, who is really not tthat bad of a woman she is just a bit out there for me. She seems alright a bit quirky, maybe in her 30’s, fairly attractive, she is not unattractive, a bit younger than I am, asks me weird questions sometimes like this one philosophical thing last year, I’m trying to remember, but I can’t. It was something weird out of the blue as I was leaving like “do you ever get the feeling you know someone, even though you don’t?” I was like “no…. See you later…”. She’s a teacher. I bring stuff to the school once a week. Yesterday I dropped off cases of hamburgers and hot dogs for a carnival today. She asked me if we had buns, told her I didn’t know she would need to talk to the salesman. She said alright and as I’m trying to walk away she is following me out the door telling me about how “oh, the other day I ran into a guy at the pool who used to work with you guys at that place a few years ago. It was funny because when he came here, we went into a lock down and he couldn’t leave. We told him he had to hide in the closet with us and he was like “Uh…. Ok….” It was some kind of perceived threat. Apparently it was someone with a paintball gun sho actually shot up his truck??? I can’t remember. It but I smiled, chuckled, bid her farwell, and continued on my day. Not interested. She has offered me her number before so I can call her when I get there. Which I don’t need to do, so I turned it down. Nah, it’s alright… haha.

So today I get in there and the salesman has a huge stack of bun racks, asking me if I want to deliver them. I told him I didn’t WANT to, but I would. 3rd stop this morning. I get there the second stop and the salesman calls me and asks where I am, they need them. I told I’ll be there in 15 minutes. He (Domo Origato Mr. Roberto) then texts me her number she told him to send me. I get to this shit show of a carnival at this school which I can’t park anywhere near, kids everywhere Village People YMCA cranking out, I was quite irritated tbh. I drag this stuff over, try to get someone to sign, she comes running over I think I said to her “I just want to get the heck out of here TBH…” I don’t like crowds, especially crowds of kids, especially with VP YMCA cranking out.

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