• 2 months ago

I get the feeling that religion was originally intended to control the growing population as humans became increasingly intelligent and we started to grow as civilizations. I have a feeling that all religions were originally intended this way we introduce the idea of this all powerful being (god) that created everything and has power over everything, then they mention that this god has the power to offer eternal happiness in the afterlife but only if we are good little humans who follow these sets of rules in this book full of stories, oh and the only “proof” of this higher-being actually existing is these stories that tell tales of magic and miracles, but I ask when was there last a real miracle, and when I say a real miracle I mean one you can say without a doubt happened because of a higher power. and why would a god give us free will and then punish us for not devoting ourselves to this religion when as far as we know could just be based on a big lie, those who spend their entire lives as “good Christians” could be just wasting their precious little time they have on this earth in church when they could be out living and enjoying the experience of life, assuming you go to church EVERY Sunday like you are supposed to, the average Sunday church is about an hour long, and there are 52 Sundays in a year, that means you will spend about 3900 hours of your life in the church, that is almost a half of a year worth of hours, it makes me sick to think that this could all be based on a lie, especially considering how much bad religion has caused, it has caused several wars and all kinds of hatred, it turns people into judgmental bigots, and it is constantly getting in the way of progress and science. but it doesn’t matter, those who do believe will just say it is a matter of faith, but I am sorry I can’t put my faith in something that has 0 solid evidence I just hope that if there is a god or some sort of higher power out there I hope all the religions are wrong in that the only rule is that you have to try and be the best person you can, and basically not be a dick lol because based on what the Christians believe a lot of good people are going to hell.