• 2 months ago

I don’t like riding the school bus because there is this boy who sits next to me and unzips his pants and pulls his thing out. I know what that thing is because I did some babysitting and I have seen it and touched it on little boys.

He has a big head on it. It looks more red or pinkish than what I would expect. The shaft is long and skinny or maybe it looks skinny the head is so fat. Sometimes he gets his balls out too and he rubs them.

I just pretend not to see any of it. I open a book and pretend to read. He rubs his shaft up and down until it gets ridged and purple. The veins stick out and it looks like it might burst. That can’t be healthy. He squirted all over four or five times now and got it on my book. The page is still wrinkled where it was wet. He handed me a tissue to dry my book and then he wanted me to wipe up his shaft too. I just threw the tissue back and he had to wipe up himself. The first time the liquid was really thick and in globs. It didn’t go far. The second time is was thinner and shot all over. Once it shot way up in the air and i think some got in my hair.

I like to sit next to the window so he sits down next to me in the outside seat and pins me in the window seat. So to outsmart him, I sat in the outside seat, but he said hey move over and then just pushed me over and he sat down.

I like to sit in the back of the bus but now I moved to the front of the bus where the camera is. I sit there but I think the camera won’t stop him. I told him I was going to take a pic of this thing sticking out and I even showed him my phone. He said Go ahead! He didn’t even care. Then he took a pic of his thing and sent it to my phone. He told me to share it with all my girlfriends.

So I told a couple of my girlfriends about him. I showed them the pic and they all laughed. One called him pencil dick because his shaft looks long and thin. So now my girlfriends have switched buses and they ride on my school bus just to see his thing sticking up and turning purple.

They sit in the back of the bus next to the window, where I usually sit. Sure enough he takes the outside seat so they are stuck and then he unzips!