• 7 months ago

Well unless you are in the our 20’s or 30’s it shouldn’t matter to you anyway. By getting mad at it, will not change anything. What does it matter to you? How old are you? Do you really care if you get any new music from anyone? Do you care? Are you gonna go to the concert? Do you really care? Are you gonna be a rock star? Why not just go listen to what you already have, proven timeless classics? I’m late 40’s and I don’t really care tbh. Listen to classic rock and when I feel like it, I pick up a guitar which is not really all that different than picking up a game controller and playing a game. Does it matter? Not to me. Why even fight it? You can’t change it. It’s the times we live in and we are now set in our ways? Blame the internet. It makes things too easy. Not that I disagree, do you think I like seeing a foolish twit like Katy Perry STILL thriving in 2021? So who cares? Pay no attention. Don’t even talk about it, fight, struggle crusade. Do better.