• 7 months ago

I love women. Not all women, but most. She’d either need to come across as abrasive in vibe, like we are gonna mix like oil and water, in which case I won’t like her but I won’t waste my time warring, I’ll just wash my hands and not be around her. I might just not like her or what she is about, where she’s coming from.

OR she would need to get intentionally malicious. I do not stand for that shit. If I’m pushed there, I might fight back, win, and then walk away, which is usually the last thing they want or expect. They want drama, they want fighting, they’re idiots. It’s a game after all… not to me.

But I have loved and love quite a few women. It’s a pretty safe bet that if she never pulled the shit above, even of we don’t see each other, I probably love her on some level. It’s pretty hard to make me hate or dislike enough that I want nothing to do with her. Some women accomplish it still which is also pretty easy if you have a big enough wrecking ball and a crazy enough head on your shoulders. I’m no push over either so if I see a major fucking headache from plenty of manufactured drama, I usually wash my hands and never consider it again.

There is no substitute for a beautiful woman though. Inside and out. If all women were wiped off the earth, I’d probably kill myself. I love women who rejected me romantically at some time, nicely, for legit reasons, who I know still love me on some level.