• 1 week ago

Lol you are a little moronic , you are entertaining if nothing else . But truth is .. there is nothing wrong with sexual behavior or hot raw passionate desire for your own husband .

In the words of my own mother .. she laughingly said .. while being dead honest

… love ❤️ is lusty …

she might know a thing or 2 about lust . And love . She’s been married 56 years . Let me tell ya a tiny little secret . Use your words wisely .. many people read this. And just for the record .. submissive is ok .. but not being a slave.

Women want more than just a bank roll . Ya see we have the ability to earn our own bank . We do not need a man or permission to be a lady or a freak .
Some people out there want to be free to express their love. Free .

If you want a submissive little dog . Good luck . But I think most men .. would love to hear the words .. from time to time … whispered ..your making me wet.. and take the initiative and wear a silk teddy .

Why should a woman .. never speak her mind?? Especially in the bed . Making her own dreams and desires known to him ??