• 2 weeks ago

Why is killing yourself something bad? I mean isn’t it your life? You are free to stop yourself from breathing whenever you want. If it takes someone sooo much to just to stay alive, isn’t it just better off dead. I mean what even is the point of life. We all are here on earth, some fighting for stupid land, some fighting for some basic human rights. Some people live like Kardashians and some struggle to put one meal on the table. For some people the issue is that they were born into a certain skin colour, or with certain background, or ethnicity. Isn’t life meant to be lived, and not fought through every second?
Then you may ask, so should you just give up when you have second thoughts? no, I mean try to stay alive as hard as you can. If you can do it, go ahead. For some people, its too much. Its very hard to keep living on.
I wish there is day when the whole world is in peace. I wish, I would stay alive to see such a day.

Yea, and putting parents on a pedestal, I get it. I see where you are coming from, but all I want for my parents is to give them back the favour they have done for me in protecting me, and I will do it. I dont wanna remain in debt to anyone, Be it parents or friends. You will receive what you have given me.

and no, I dont want for my relatives to die in anyway. I hope they all stay healthy and well. I want them to live and watch us have a better life, a better life in my terms. I want them to watch me break the rules. I want them to regret their life in their death bed, when they are all old and grey. haha, I sound like Joker in that lololol