• 2 weeks ago

Got bad cramps, feels like I’m all over the place and angry
and yeah one more thing…
FUCK YOU JESSY AND YOUR FUCKING MINIONS, FUCKING CUNT! I dont fucking give a shit for whatever that you do IRENE AND YOUR STUPID SISTER. I dont care if you didn’t tell me about your fucking wedding or whatever it is that you fucking family does. The issue is you dumb fucks went wrong with making my parents feeling sad and left out. AND I promise, there will be times when you assholes will wish that you had kept your connection. Oh, you fuckers will wish that y’all at least remotely kept the bond. There will be days when you wish to talk to me and rik for 2 seconds, and I promise that wish will remain a wish forever. There will be days when y’all will wish to be included, then I will give a taste of what you all did for 20 years. I have not and will not forget all the things y’all did to make our lives harder. I dont know about your God, but I do have every little thing you did to hurt them written in my damn book. OH, and no, I will never forgive you anymore. You all crossed the line many times, but this time it was you last straw. I don’t want to be a part of you all anymore, and I will remain not related to you dumbfucks forever.
I will give them the life y’all didn’t want us to live. We will live and do just fine and so much better, without any of you fucking assholes.