• 2 weeks ago

Plus you are just grasping at shit that isn’t even there, because you are up against someone, who might not even see you as “competition”, is what they are, what you see is what you get, it’s real, there’s no bullshit and it’s probably even better than most and certainly better than you know….. or maybe you do and that’s the problem. There’s gotta be some catch from your perspective, so you inject some negative…. “the most beautiful angel was Satan…”

I have come across people who think like that in my own life. There’s gotta be a catch eleven if there is none, so they dig and rip and wreck and still come up with exactly nothing. Very destructive. It’s part of the reason I avoid certain types of people/women like the plague. People who know people like that. Very negative, very destructive. It’s not the type of shit I openly invite into my life at this point in time. People are not people. In my experience, nothing in this world is worth that shit.

Say I am with a woman who has a close friend with that mentality, it’s them or me, but then again I don’t like to give ultimatum, I don’t ever force anything, it’s useless anyway, I drop them. I will not tolerate poor taste in people. It’s too close and I will feel it at some point.