• 3 weeks ago

My Fiancée gives me oral and hand jobs. She’s great except for one thing. She torments me by not completing the job. As soon as I start to cum she STOPS rubbing. The stimulation is over and I have to cum without her input. She does the same thing on oral.

It would be much better to have her continue rubbing until the very end and not stop just before I ejaculate. It’s like Coitus interruptus. She is stopping just before I start.

She just giggles as she sits back and watches it spurt in the air without her even touching it. She says Be happy with what I got. She says my cock belongs inside her and she shouldn’t be contributing at all to it cumming outside of her. So she’s got some funny ideas about sex.

She refuses to do anymore. It drives me crazy. I can’t get the full enjoyment of her rubbing it to the end. I can’t sit back and relax because I know she is going to do this. She’s going to stop as soon as she senses its going to spurt. She is really good at knowing when that will be. She stops four or five seconds before I cum and it has to cum on its own while she watches with delight.

When I object to this she says I can always cum inside her instead. I don’t know how to change her mind and stop her victorious giggling as she sits back to watch the show. It’s pure torment and torture.