• 2 weeks ago

I at the age of 35 was left to fend for myself with my 10 year old son. My son

used to sleep in my bed. As years passed I knew my son becoming more cozy and

hugging me and dry humping during the sleep. On night I felt his erect penis

down my butt crack and I was petrified that I could not move thinking of

offending or defending or an excitement down my waist. He slowly started to

lift my nightie up the butt and placed his erect penis between my thighs.

Without moving I acted as if fast asleep. He gained some confidence and slowly

pulled down my panty and he touched his cock head on my already wet pussy lips

from behind. He paused there for some time but his cock was throbbing. Then I

could feel his precum flowing and he started to slowly penetrate his cock into

my vagina. I could not withstand the temptation and just extended by hand to

help him push his cock into my pussy which gave him a surprise. That day

onwards we are enjoying daily sex and I am teaching him to mature into an

expert man.