• 2 weeks ago

I don’t know, she might. She might not.

A better approach instead of harassing is to just let her go easy and give her a chance to breathe and miss you.

If you harass her you only piss her off, irritated and come off as needy. If you are worth anything, she’ll be back. Or she will at the very least want to. Either way, when it’s don’t, it’s usually done. In wouldn’t expect it

But you are still better off being respectful. Don’t expect anything, and take what you get. If she’s a cool person who cares about you platonic, don’t be a fucking dick to her let her do what she wants. Maybe she will give you some even if it’s small and not even direct. Maybe she knows what you like and posts an unassuming picture using it. That’s great too. That’s good platonic love. Especially when your not pissing her off demanding pictures. Like some dicks on here would do, she just throws it out there.