• 3 weeks ago

In order to satisfy me, you would need to look at every single person you ever meet then ask yourself “how would he approve of this person” whether they are white black gay or feminist. If the answer is “no” you would then need to literally ignore the person as if they were an inanimate object.

You fuck up one time, I am fucking done with you.

But that can’t ever happen because you’ve already blown that 250 times in the past many years…. Ya know…. You should hate me. Not in a way that you need revenge of to fuck me over in some way, need to know what I’m doing, how much better it is than you, etc. You should hate me in a way that you are shocked that you care in any way about such a person and avoid it. You should not want anything to do with me. You know I’m not out causing people trouble problems with my beliefs, it’s just what I believe, truly and for what are actually pretty logical reasons. It’s not mindless racism and homophobia. It’s all logical and with reason. I as the person I am, am right? Right? I’m not some toothless hillbilly or a neo Nazi. You know what I mean?