• 3 weeks ago

I love being black. America feels like high school where us black women are the mean girl, queen bs, our men are the jocks and all you other hos are simply beneath us. I love it.

As with all the popular kids in school, this black status comes with it’s group of pathetic losers, who are just jealous, and hate us cuz they ain’t us.

White girls used to hate SOO hard because they were too corny for us to relate to but they finally decided to act like they have some sense just recently. They used to try to look like us and date the black guys we didn’t even want just to try and get our attention lol. 2017 was just embarrassing for them, lol. So happy they grew from that and finally realized if they want our attention, nd epi friendship, they’re going to have to dismantle the white man. And they’re doing it because women cannot thrive without female companionship.

Now, it’s just mainly latinas who hate us. Those bitches are SO frickin weird, lol. They want to fight so bad, loool. They want to be included in everything they were never excluded from. Like girl, you literally creating rivalries with us out of nowhere. Seek help, pooh.

Asian and Indian girls have always been super non-confrontational but have hate us behind the scenes too. Dont care, just as long as they remain keeping their scared lil mouths shut, we good.

Everyone hates us

But hey, “You ain’t poppin if you ain’t got no haters” right?

I love being hated, the fact that I bother people so much is fun for me. I feel in control of you, your emotions, your comfort, your everything. I own you.