• 3 days ago

I’m only 7 lbs away from having lost 90 lbs. I look good. Feel better. My legs look hot and sexy. I haven’t seen my legs look so shapely in sooo long. It sure feels good. I have more to go. But truthfully ? I worry about my skin. I”m not a kid. But I am discovering a new lease on life. Life really does begin at 50 +, I would never have appreciated my own talents and gifts had i been younger. I happen to like the woman i became. I have a boyfriend. He is sweet and supportive. I wont let him touch me till after we get married. I am a strong advocate about patience. To be honest? I don’t know if he is my forever. But I sure hope to find out. We only spent 4 lovely days together….about a year ago. (Prior to the pandemic). He is one of my dearest friends. A friend I happen to love. Will there be passion? Or fire? I sure don’t know. He is sooo so shy. He has yet to kiss me. Perhaps its the anticipation of his touch. His kiss. That has me hooked on him. Honesty. He has the most beautiful smile. When he smiles. Which isnt often. But when he does? Its almost like the sun shines. Its a wonderful warm feeling that washes over me. I love it. I wonder if he will ever get the courage to truly propose….he talks of marriage. but still no ring yet. Ohhh..i learned. Talk is cheap. I want him to show me. Not just tell me. Actions speak in way more powerfully than endless words. The main problem ? He seems cheap. (Thrifty is fine). But when a man acts cheap to a girl. It doesn’t bode well for the future. I have a lot of doubts. I dont ask a lot. But I will not lay or marry a man….unless he shows he is very vested in me. In us.

Acting “Free cheap and easy”? Is 3 ways to lose a girl. A man doesn’t need to be rich. But he should be generous. I just wish the girls…didn’t ruin it for the women like me. Most guys are soooo gun shy to spend a dime. I guess i understand. I also have been used. So i truly understand. I’m also…..excessively hesitant to lay or spend a dime on a man….that makes me doubt he is in it for love. Its gotten to be all about money. Why ? What happened to the heart and soul of man and women ? I understand we need money. But its empty if you have no one share it with. That really loves you. Or appreciates you.

There is a part of me. That is angry. That sooo many girls…have damaged teh good guys. the guys with a heart and soul. I just hate it. I want the good men to have faith..and hope…that girls like me …are truly waiting.

If i (or a girl ) wont screw around with you? Chances are….she wont cheat or betray you. Hey fellas…keep that in mind, because truthfully? I know more girls…that cheated on their boyfriends…and husbands than i know..of guys doing it. The guys…have NO idea. Sooo blind to their wives…or GF.

I just wish people would stop acting like trash..and learn to be decent. I just hope….some out there….will find me.. I hope.