• 5 days ago

Before we got married I noticed that my wife was adoring and physical with her father. I objected but she told me that I was immature, jealous and not to come between her and her father. She told me that she’s just a Daddy’s girl and there isn’t anything she wouldn’t do for Daddy. I knew that she and her father were close but I didn’t think that it involved sex. I guess I am naïve.

Some months ago my wife mentioned that her father previously had impotence problems. Then yesterday she told me that her father is having nice hard erections. I asked why she talks about intimate stuff and I didn’t think it was proper. My wife said of course it’s proper, I need to lighten up and enjoy life.

I pressed her on how she knew about his erections. She said because she administers his medication by massaging the medication into his erection. I was angry. She told me to grow up and that she always takes care of Daddy. I asked just what that meant and she said she has always been Daddy’s girl FIRST, always will be, and I’ll just have to accept being second. She said she has seen his penis since she was a little girl so it’s no big deal now. I asked just what she saw as a little girl and she told me that she learned all about men from her father. We argued over this and she admits to fondling his cock to ejaculation for years. She proudly said she has given him blow jobs and swallowed because sperm is healthy. She reminded me that there isn’t anything she wouldn’t do for Daddy. She insisted that I apologize for interfering between her and her father. She wants me to agree that it’s none of my business. She says I need to accept it, and accept the facts.

I’m a mix of furious, jealous and sad. I’m employed in her father’s business and he’s been generous to us. I’m also bound by my marriage to my wife and she is three months pregnant. That makes me wonder and worry of the pregnancy is a result of one of his ‘nice hard erections’ being inside my wife. Is the child his?

I’d like to ask my wife about this but we just had an argument and I don’t want to start another. Plus I don’t think she’d tell me the truth. If she has been having sex with him, for how long has that been going on? I don’t really have many choices in this situation. I’d like to know, but I can’t just blurt out, “Is the child his?” If her father got her pregnant was it deliberate? Was it planned? Is she going to continue getting banged by him?

My choices are only to pack up and leave, with really no where to go, and then there is a messy divorce. Or I stay, not ask any questions and pretend that I don’t know that her father got her pregnant and might do so again. I can look the other way while she gets screwed by her father and I get second place.

If I ask the questions then I’ll know for sure but my choices don’t change. Once I have the answers I could no longer pretend that I don’t know. I would have to accept and tacitly condone the fact that she is gong to see Daddy for sex, and then she is coming home to me with his sperm inside her. Either in her mouth or up her vagina. I have to wait for my turn because Daddy gets first choice.

It’s difficult to sit alone at home knowing that my wife is down on her knees licking his cock and rubbing his balls. Then maybe she displays her pussy to him and asks to sit on his stiff rod. She rocks up and down as his ‘nice hard erection’ slides in and out of her. She is moaning as he shoots his payload up inside her. Maybe she does it doggie style for him. She visits him four or five times a week, and I wonder if she is being banged every time. Is it always intercourse or sometimes just a blowjob. Does she give him anal? She won’t let me have anal, as she says some things are special. So maybe it’s reserved just for Daddy.

My wife is insisting on an apology from me for my immaturity and that I accept her demands. Why do things have to be so uncomfortable. Why are they so complex? Why do I have to have such a headache? Why do I have to have such strong pride? Why do I object to sharing? No one will know except for her and her father. It’s not like the whole city knows. What do I do next?