• 1 week ago

And even if I did, it sure as fuck would not be with some fucking tard off THIS site. Hahaha! Fuck. You could be one of the vile homos on this site and then I would have to kill you, and when you kill someone, even a vile worthless piece of human crap. That is disruptive to your life!

No, I don’t do “online”, in “real life”. I will never even date online. I don’t mix those two things. Way too many psychos out there. I definitely would not touch anyone crazy enough to start a vigilante group. What a fucking stress headache. I would rather use that energy on a big hobby, something selfish, to benefit myself, legally. Like maybe find a better job that will pay me much more, but actually requires me to think and feel some levels of stress instead of working a no brainer job, that pays exactly jack shit but is comfortable and a no brainer, like it is currently. Real life.