• 6 months ago

my older cousin just messaged me. He’s in his 30s, I’m in my 20s. when our siblings all went off to college and we were the sole minors left with the family he used to go on walks with me, buy me pizza, play with me even though he’s a guy and too mature for the childish stuff I liked. He’s married now, with kids. I’m single, childless. But he texted me to say he always thinks of our childhood memories and I burst into tears… of gratitude. Last night I talked to God about why other people seem disinterested in cherishing the bond they have with ppl, if they don’t have status, if they don’t get favors. But God answered my prayer and showed me some people really just love you and appreciate the love you have for them. I’m so touched. I lost so many friends this year and my job. The only thing I had to hang onto was school and I was becoming bitter against ppl… But no, God won’t allow it. And I’m really grateful for being heard and seen.