• 6 months ago

Suicidal people have 0 problem solving skills & lack logical thinking sense. Imagine someone effecting your life so much to point you’re depressed & instead of killing them, you kill yourself? If you’re going to kill, why not the person whos causing the problem? Like, seriously. How do you end up deciding that you’re the one that needs to go if the problem isn’t you?

It makes 0 sense.

I really wish there was some sort of use I could get out of suicidal people. I’d put together a business. We’d have lil idiots that want to die, and a clientele who needs people to do risky things for them. Like, for example. Go get my groceries during this deadly pandemic so that I don’t get sick. You wanna die, so there you go- ya’ know?

I’d be so fucking rich. Sigh….