• 4 weeks ago

People here upset because other people don’t care, or hurt you, discarded you, and don’t want anything from you or whatever…

Nobody owes you anytbing and you have control of your own life. Its not up to them, you can’t force anyone to love you, have feelings for you, or even care. If you get hurt, its your own fault.

If you are unhappy with the sitution you are in you can do something about it. You can get real, and move on. For real. Its not up to them, you don’t own each other. Don’t just say it, get real, think about it amd move on. The only only one realonsible for your happieness is you.

It’s not up to anyome else. Stop being such a pathetic fuck. Suck it up. You do not want to be next to someone who doesn’t give a fuck about you. I’m tired of reading this pthetic bullshit. What you are is a fucking burden. Clearly they dont want anytbing to do with you.

If you really think bout it, I’m sure you always knew what tbos person was capable of. Why would you put so much into a person who you knew from the start had the ability to diacard and hurt people so easily for no real reason. By doing that you signed a waiver. You knew it from the start. Never invest too much into something that you damn well know is not worth it and will not work out especially if they have a long history of doing it to a lot of people. Thats your fault. Its mch easier whem you look at relationships like that. Then WHEN they leave, its not a bog deal. Its easy. Give it to people who choose you. And if nobody doea choose you, being alone amd concentrating on what os mportant to you is better than your current situation.