• 2 months ago

I like letting my neighbor’s 10 year old girl rub off and hump my leg when she plays “horsey.” She knows not to do it when her parents are around since her mom spanked her for doing it to her one time telling her that it was bad, and never do it again. When she was caught humping her pillow she got a harder spanking on her bare bum. Me, I’ve moved up to rubbing her crotch over her pants or if she’s wearing a dress, that she does often, just her flimsy panties that I can feel really well. She has come several times I know for a fact. Last night when they had a first date night in awhile, I had her ride my erection with only my light weight shorts and her panties between us. I squirted in my pants. She wanted to see what made me a boy down there But I told her I would show her in the future. I’ve already gone to far and I have a great girlfriend but this forbidden fruit is so lovely.

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