• 1 month ago

I love women.

Just like anything though, some are stupid or bad people though unfortunately.

Some have stupid ways of thinking that I dont agree with, but then we also have a choice to just not be around it if you don’t like it.

Jesus, I have known woman in my life, women who were girls when I knew them, I cant lose all hope in them either, ever, one in particular, but I have a feeling her mind has been poisoned since forever. As far back as I knew her or before, I KNOW she feels for me in some way, how could she not? but shes been poisoned. I would never be able to say, I dont think I am or was ever in a position to say “dont listen to her, its her or me…” but I know she feels or at least felt for me, I know it, I feel for her, but I wish she would have put her in her place. Personally I would have. I can’t even see giving any friend I ever had the opportunity to even have an opinion that matters. And I love ya, but if you fuck with anything like that with me, put yourself where you dont belong, cause problems, whatever, piss her off, piss me off, when it comes down to it, you cant give me what she can, so if she is important enough to me, Im not talking just some bitch I met 2 weeks ago, if she matters, you’re out, bud.

I would kind of hope for the same, or at least something tbh. I have a vision of this one bitch the first time I ever encountered her, she said what she said, made me stuter a bit, pissed me off, even then I would have hoped the one I love would’ve spoke up, I think she kind of rolled out of the way. I remember her freind, face forward, shes leaning into me with this stupid look on her face.

I was stuttering “uh, no, what?” What I meant to say was “”Uh…. who the fuck are you? Do we know each other? I dont think so….What the hell is it to you? Yeah I do…” See, her I hate. I hate women like her. I think she gave me a “mind your business complex” so that now, god fucking help anyone who ever gets in between something like that and me… god fucking help you if it matters to me… 🙂

Theres cool nice women though. Personally, I do alright, if I work at a place where there is women everywhere, amd we get to know each other, at least 50% of them will genuinely like me, and the feeling is mutual. I am real. I am not a fake person, I’m honest. AS SOON as that environment gets contaminated by another ex from the past, one who did me seriously wrong in many ways after leaving me, and I loved her, but gave up, as soon as that environment gets contaminated by her, I might not even see it, but I oiterally feel it. Its like a dark cloud creeping in. See, I hate her too.

But like I said, uncontaminatd by her in some way, I’m always amazed at how well liked I am how not weird shit is, Ive known women I develope bomds with who prove to me straight up they got my back. I see it with my own 2 eyes. I cant talk shit about all women. I love woman. But there is a lot of shitty women out there

There is no other I want to be snuggling, or laying in a bed with, or kissing. Thats for damn sure. Only a woman will do for certain things. No doubt there.

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