• 2 weeks ago

I dont know, never mind marriage and living together, dont you think the best kind of relationship would be where you’re both independant, you both have your own places, you’re both independant and can get by but at the same time you love each other, you’re there for each other, you share, you date, you stay at each others places. You can be together every night if you want to or for days in a row if you feel like it, or you can not see each other for a few if you want or need.

I think that sounds a great way to live. You don’t smother each other, you both have breathing room if you need it. You look at this virus and quarentine, divorce is up in places, among other dysfunctional relationship problems that come with being stuck with someone 24/7 for months. I guess theres advantages to cohabitation, but with everything sometimes money is not whats important. Ya know, I worked 47 hoirs of hard labour this week and thats alright I guess, I was covering for someone, but Im good with 40 hours a week. My boss might say “good for you, at least you’re not bored” and 7 hrs pay is a decent bit of extra money. Really its nearly a days pay, but you know what? I dont really care, I would probably rather spend that 7 hrs doing what I want. It might even mean Im doing nothing, but I’m not here and that’s what’s important.

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