• 1 month ago

Well people tell me I’m a pretty man, I think it could be worse, I’m blessed, I do things, I look after myself in a few way including hygienically, I’m glad I’m me. I have good taste, but I’m not perfect either. I’m rough around the edges. I’m getting older

but part of me is glad that I really still sort of resemble myself in childhood. I want her to look at me and be 11 years old again. I really really do. I want her to look at me and get hit like a ton of bricks and no other guy matters. And if I had her back, I don’t think I would let her go either. I wouldn’t push HER away, what she does or her intentions are another story even then I think I can handle it. I’m not saying I would want to dive in commit move in get married, but I am open and I wouldn’t let her go. If I had a chance with her I might be careful with her so as not to drive her away. She would be what I finally practice what I’ve learned but I’d be open to her in more ways than one.

She thinks I’m pretty? Well put your hands all over me.

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