• 1 month ago

I dont drink. Drinking is fun sometimes, but to be drunk is to be out of your stupid mind. Whybthe fuck would anyome do that to themselves often or every day? That disgusts me tbh. I dont like alkies. Something like weed is not even that bad.

I havent actually drank to get drunk since 2014 at a Christmas party. I had a beer maybe 6 months ago cant remeber wha possessed me from the 6 or so that have been sittng in the fridge from 2 Christmas ago. I also have an unopened bottle of Raspberry Wine given to me at Christmas 5 or 6 years ago and a bottle of Rye with a brink out of it from 15 years ago. Maybe 4 shots left in a bottle of rum from about 7 years ago and 1/3 of a bottle of white wine I used for cooking 5 years ago.

I dont need to “try” to fill any void, this is not a shitty Lady Gaga song. One thing Im pretty sure most people who know me will tell you about me is they dont know shit about what I do or have unless the pry their way in which usually gets them kicked ojt of my life for lack of respect of boudries because I dont talk about it with anyone no matter who they are. I dont kiss and tell and I keep everything and anything that I consider important to myself or at least away from people who are not worthy of knowing anything about me my life or what I consider important. I dont share, and I’m also pretty sure they’re surprised when/if they do happen to stumble onto things I didnt tell them about or didnt share because I only get the best. They usually think they know me, and that ends up turned upside down. WRONG, and I actually have quite a few people out there, real people, who really care. They want my time. I dont need to look or wander.

I dont need or wamt scraps from a kept women. I refuse it. I’m better than that amd you know it too.

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