• 3 days ago

Crazy bitch

I dont think you even get it. I dont even think you grasp or understand the scope of the damage and I dont think you would care if you did.

A guy would have to be stupid to get mixed up with you. I am not even going to say youre a bad person, Im sure your a great mother, and your friends love you, your pets, when it comes to your romantic life, men, whatever, you are a fucking terrible person, and you will never change. You are evil and you know it which is the worst part about you. I experienced it but Ive also heard it in not so direct words from people. There are no lines, limits boundries with you, nothing is sacred, and you are absolutely a terrible bitch. I say you are the worst thing any man with half a brain and some common sense in his head could ever get mixed up with. Very desperate. I mean that with all my heart. Do you think I would be stupid enough to put myself in your presence ever again? I couldnt trust you as far as I can throw you. You are a shitty person and I want nothing to do with you. I cant even sugar coat it. You are a shitty person and nothing about you does it for me. I am not desperate enough for anything you have to offer. What you need is a stupid pathetic loser of a simp.

If Im being honest, I look at the tweets of your little cousin and I read what she retweets and says and I think I know where she gets a lot of influence and personally dont like it or you. I simply don’t like you. Thats putting it lightly. Your not my kind of person. We dont even have he same taste in music. I see you as some assclown gigaboo when it comes to music. You get me? I have a problem with that. You get where I’m coming from bitch?

Im not sure how you feel about it, but if you dont want me to hate your fuxkiny guts and think your a crazy bitch, you should probably start thinking about your actions before you do it and do the right thing. You know what it is, you would pull the classic you and play dumb like you dont but you know the lines you shouldnt cross out of simple respect and decency. Dont fucking cross them. You spit in my face again…. whore

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