• 5 days ago

My ex classmate had this friend I used to like – nothing serious or permanent, just this one guy I probably saw once or twice in my entire life. Also, by “like,” I just mean “used to think he was cute.” Nothing further. Apart from, perhaps, mentioning it to my classmate, there were absolutely no efforts made by me to befriend this guy or get close to him. I just thought he was cute, I wasn’t in love or anything.

Anyway, that was over 10 or 9 years ago. Just today, I discovered he had blocked me on my previous Facebook account (the one I used back when I first became aware of his existence). Is it okay for me to feel baffled? If we never ever talked or were introduced (I never asked my classmate to introduce me to him, nor did I make any effort to get close to him in any way), why would he even block me? Was I too obvious (showed “too much excitement” on the few times he showed up around my classmate)? Did I accidentally send him a Friend Request when looking him up on Fb? Did I accidentally like a post on his wall? I may have looked him up and checked out his profile, but I positively don’t remember sending him a FR… Could my classmate say anything? She’s usually such a relaxed and easy-going person, it doesn’t sound Iike something she would do…

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