• 7 days ago

On the I Love You topic: Listen, I’m not criticizing saying I love you if you really mean it and FEEL love. But like you said yourself in this post…”it brings fulfillment”.. if someone is saying it because they were “lonely” etc and thus feel and unproportionate attachment to the realism of it.. I mean, is that not inauthentic in and of itself? How do you know that they don’t hold what the other person looks like? And how they behave? People always do.. initial attraction is always physical and behaviorally enforced. Banging like rabbits naturally releases oxytocin (bonding hormone, often eliciting feelings of “being in love”, but at the end of the day.. those feelings are rather shallow) and dopamine.
Also, I don’t have a penis so I can’t bang anything. To clarify: I’m not against people saying I love you. At all. But I encourage people to say what they mean and not out of loneliness and wanting to draw the other person in.
“love bombing” is a thing. I implore people to watch out for that. Classic narcissist move.

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