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Anyone ever watch the “Invader” Series, starring David Jansen, from years ago – it seems like Coronavirus is an pandemic, controlled by those in charge and individuals such as you and me are not allowed to say anything in the public press, because there are restrictions in place to make that impossible.
The Invaders, produced beings who looked and behaved just like the world leaders and us and they were trying to take over our world and get rid of us humans, so that their kind could take over and have our world for themselves.
They had one fault however, they walked around with their fingers in the salute Spock had on Star Trek and that was how David Jansen saw them and destroyed them – puff – gone.
The way that this Coronavirus is being handled reminds me of how reliant everyone has become to find a cure for the disease in the body – but, hang on a moment, if they inoculate you in your body, why do they test for the virus in your head, first?
Surely, the problem is in the head and not the body at all, to begin with, right?
I know I’m wasting my time saying anything about my salt water cure here, so I won’t bother any of you with it, but this pandemic is just like having a car which beaks down, because of a mechanical fault in the engine, which you fix, by washing and polishing the outside of your car – which is backward thinking indeed, just like a cure for Coronavirus in the body, does not address the virus in the head, which started it all and clearing the disease in the body and leaving the head untreated, leaves the potential of Coronavirus starting up again, right?.
As you know, I have a cure that anyone can do and nobody had to die from Coronavirus at all and you would think I could publicly say what I believe and have it open to examination and public trials to prove it works and then save the thousands who are yet to get Coronavirus and probably die, sooner or later, but no, all avenues are closed to me, however often I try to get myself heard and this is no new thing, it has been like this for years.
You remember back in 2008 there was that major financial crash, brought about by the banks buying bundles of mortgages from reality brokers, who had filled in the applications for loans falsely and the people who had them could not repay the monthly contributions necessary and the Presidents of the day pumped trillions of US$ into the banks so that they would not collapse and the rich and wealthy stayed rich and wealthy and the middle class and poor got no help at all and went bust and nobody gave a blind fuck.
Same again this time around, the trillions of $ being sent out are to the rich and anyone who has an interest in a large farm, with an income of 1 Million Dollars a year or more, irrespective of if “they” don’t live on the farm, or work it and they get a payment of $250,000 each and one farm (apparently) has 66 “workers”, real or imaginary, who each get paid $250,000 – but the middle class and poor farmers, get no help at all and that seems to also be extending to the 500,000 who have lost their jobs and need income support, but are not getting it – just like back in 2008 – does this seem at all similar to all of you, who are between a rock and a hard place?
Tell you what, if aliens were taking over our planet and killing us off with Coronavirus, they sure are going about it in the right way and we will eventually all end up being lambs to their slaughter, like the Invader series or V which was a similar scifi slant, except the “visitors” then were just like us, but under the thin skin which they wore to look like us, they were lizards and ate raw meat and animals and they were storing live cargoes of humans to feed their future populations on their massive flying saucers and only a few people were able to stop them and then there was that Will Smith movie “Foundation Day” or something like that, except there are no huge flying saucers visible in the skies above us, right now.
You have got to wonder – I mean, I don’t care when I die, because I have lived most of my life and I’m in my end of life years now, but what about the rest of you who populate this planet and who gives a fuck about any of you as things stand now?
Nobody had to die. A simple cure is there free and for the taking which anyone can do, easy as pie and in less than one minute to prepare and use, to clear the virus permanently from the head, before it becomes the Covid-19 in the body and what happens next – and – nobody in authority wants to know and why do you think that is – MONEY and fuck how many have to die to get it.
I have used my cure for 25 years and I am never ill, Coronavirus aside, it should work on pollution diseases and any other viral based disease, when you bear in mind there are only 2 ways we can get an illness, by injection (like Mosquitoes) or viral which we breathe into our head, where it incubates and down into our body – need I go on?
I am so frustrated at my inability to do anything, I wonder why I bother, but I have to keep trying, perhaps someone will listen to me and at the very least, give my option an opportunity to prove itself for the greater good of all.
If there is a good and bad place after death, I expect to go to the good side, but priests and the church will go to the bad side along with all of these arse holes who put money ahead of those who die, worse than the Nazi’s in WW2……..
In the matter of religion. Jesus is supposed to save all of you, the churches are supposed to save their own from an early death and praying to God, of whatever faith you believe in, is supposed to stop you from dying from Coronavirus, so why are the religious dying as quickly as those like me, who don’t believe – it seems a lot like workers insurance to me, as long as you are working you have insurance, but when your work ceases, so does insurance and you don’t have any cover to protect you from ill health and Coronavirus and the religious lot have been living off all of you, so perhaps it is time now to hold religion and those who preach it to account, after all, if the insurance you had has gone, then your insurance in religion should fill the gap and save you from illness that way instead – and if it does not – what bloody good is it?

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