• 1 week ago

I am so filled with anger and disgust. I saw a post that basically gave kudos to people who stood up against racism. Bitch, you are supposed to do that, you want a fucking cookie? You want a fucking reward for behaving like a decent person? I really hate the self congratulatory echo chamber bullshit that many, many liberals engage in, it disgusts me to my core. It makes me just aware of how fucked up humanity is that even the idiots who behave morally do it to look good or because they are the victim, you should just fucking do it, you pieces of shit. I stand up to racism constantly and it is purely because I despise it. I stand up to people who are racist no matter their target or skin color. I have fought with black people who are racist against other black people. Clearly, I do not give a shit about appearances like so many fucking people do. They just do it to look good, which is almost as disgusting as racism itself. They want to be accepted. Fucking repulsive. I hate faux morality. I hate fake people. Be consistent. If you only behave moral because you want to be popular or feel good, you are a fucking asshole. I honestly just cannot stand people. I am aware I have weaknesses, my anger could bake a potato, I have a misanthropy unrivaled, I have impulse problems, but at least I am fucking consistent. At least I don’t pretend to be something i am not. I actually prefer the racists to the faux moralists, and I despise racism. At least they are fucking HONEST about who they are. The idea of being good for admiration is so..beyond evil to me. It makes me want to spit, just to express how disgusted I am. Don’t pat yourselves on the backs, Idiots, just fucking do it, because it’s the right thing to do. Reminds me of that Chris Rock sketch when he’s talking about people who want credit for not going to jail.

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