• 2 months ago

I can’t fucking stand my sister and I fantasize all the time about just punching her over and over until she passes out. She’s a terrible selfish irritating person and can’t consider anyone but herself. EVERYTHING has to be about her and if you don’t do everything exactly the way she wants then you’re a horrible person and you’re so mean to her and you should be ashamed of yourself. No matter how many times she berates you, insults you, forces you to do things she’s too lazy to do, hits you, screams at you, makes you feel like shit about yourself- you aren’t allowed to do anything similar to her at all. If you do, she just conveniently forgets everything that happened leading up to that point and suddenly oh no, she’s so traumatized and upset about that mean thing you said to her, how could you do this, wah wah wah. the bitch can’t ever just respect your feelings or apologize. can’t understand why no one likes her when her entire life revolves around pushing people to the breaking point for her own entertainment. she’s selfish and is always demanding people buy her things, do things for her etc even though she’d never do the same for them. and again, if you don’t comply you get a fat guilt trip. I hate being around her and she drives me insane. She’s old enough by now not to act like a spoiled elementary age child but no, she hasn’t grown up and doubtfully ever will. It irritates me that I’m apparently supposed to love her just because we’re related. there is nothing to love, at least not that i can see.

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