• 2 weeks ago

I always get moderate anxiety attacks when clothes shopping. I’ve gotten them since I was a kid, around 11 or 12, whenever my mom would take me to the nice department store to shop. My personal experience with anxiety attacks while shopping includes getting minor headaches, the need to cry, indecisiveness, and feeling like I’m in everybody else’s way and that they are all watching my and analyzing my every move. As a girl who really does love to shop for clothes, it brings me joy to find clothes that I genuinely love. But, with these anxiety attacks, it’s really hard to do stuff when I feel like I’m turning into a 3 year old that’s throwing a tantrum. When I was 12, I had pushed through the attack after dragging my mom to 2 other stores before returning to the calm, familiar department store, in which I felt a shopping craze like I never had before. I was so elated to find out that I could continue to go about my business when shopping after pushing through an attack. I’m still struggling with them today.

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