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You always have the tools available to you, It’s just putting them all together. You get frustrated, you get sick and tired of where you are in life and you do something about it. It’s amazing when you see it because all of us have these gifts and we’ll sit back and wish ‘oh I wish I did that’ we all have the tools, it’s putting them together all in one shot, the stars aligning and really, really, really taking a deep look at yourself and being honest and going ‘I’m doing this and it’s really good but I’m missing the point in three different fields here, I’m missing what I’m supposed to be doing, I’m going to put more emphasis on this and that, forget about this and write this off, this just doesn’t work at all in my life. It makes a big man to do that, it takes a man to do that, to look within and go ‘it’s not fucking working. You don’t need somebody to tell you, sometimes somebody will come and tsay something to you as a friend and try to tell you ‘hey this thing ain’t working’ and you get mad at him and whatever for your insecurities, but you know what somethings not working. Nobody has to tell you, you know when somethings not right inside of you. Joey Diaz, Episode 733

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  • You want to be told what to do join the military.

    Anonymous February 11, 2020 11:06 pm Reply

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