• 7 months ago

I guess what I’m saying is it would really loss me off is people who are essentially useless to my life, less than useless, they provide nothing good to my life and haven’t since before I met you, they actually bring nothing but shot to my life really. You saw me, right? You “knew” me sort of. I’m sure all you had to do was look at me, and thats that’s not to say I was really messed up in the head, you liked me, I know you did, you felt something for me even if you were just being cordial sometimes, now did I EVER do anything that made you seriously think I was a bad guy, or make you uneasy, or whatever? You trusted me and you liked me. That was real, no matter what anyone else told you, anything negative am was probably bullshit, and it was jealousy. I wasn’t the nicest guy, but honestly honey, I was tired of it all at that point, and I didn’t like too many people there. I never held the way you started acting against you though I always KNEW it had to do with someone else. I just wish I knew who. You hurt me, but I really wanted to know who and what. It pissed me off and god help the person if I ever find out, especially if its one guy in particular You hurt me like a bastard, and I’m not holding it against you, but when I had it with you, when I stopped acknowledging you, that time you forced me to play the same game, I know you literally saw my heart break the last time. It’s because I was rooting for you to have a heart that time, and not make me play that game that I had to play.

By my point is you knew me and I’m a strong guy. Internally, I’m tough I can take e a lot of shit, but you had to know knowing me during that time, I had been hurt, badly, for a long time. Just the way I was. I warmed up to you too because how you were.

These people bring nothing good to me now, which is why it posses me off when people make an effort to shit shot on my head, or people I know who ARE of some kind of positive value to me in one way or another. Name a name, and we’ll see what they have to say. Especially if it’s some looser jealous of one of my ex’ who they can’t have. That is one dead mother Tucker let me tell ya? I bet they ‘re afraid of me too right? 🙂 What do you think? They probably should be. Even that big guy there. Mr nice guy. He was a dick and I know you were with me there, especially for what he was, you got it when that shit went down but that big guy would be afraid of me. Maybe not, be has the law on his side but when it comes down to it… 🙂

You’re one of the better people I came across in many years, and I mean that, it’s why I was interested. I would rather be with you than them

As far as she goes, I’m not sure what you know or if it’s true, knowing what you know about me, do you think I’m the kind of sucker to want to be with that, now? Also, do you think I’m the kind of guy to get jealous and mess with other people and their relationships like the way they do, to they way they do? Do you think I give even the slightest shit about any of them? Do you think I believe they’re good for me? They dont give me anything but a hard time. You saw some of it. I didnt even see where it was coming from. Im a tough fuck though, menatally. I can take more shit without a word than any of those losers Just think about that, and if anyone give you a really hard time, tell me. I want to know.

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