• 8 months ago

This is my opinion but I think Korean awards shows has lost its value. Back then when it was the 2nd generation era, to get a daesang is really really hard. I’m not sure how it works but back then there were only 2/3 daesangs nad it was given to the most apealing group tht year. But now we have like idk lots of daesangs? I mean where is the prestige when it was easily given to groups? Evry group work hard and they deserved it but its not as prestigious as it was before? And it was based on votes like?? Even if the song was not that good just because that group has many fans they won? So its not a music award its like popularity award or who votes the most award? Not spreading hate but if your fav group won many daesangs, well congrtulations but do keep this in mind. Don’t get overboard. I’m mentioning this because some people was belittling groups that didnt receive any awards calling them has been or flops or old. Remember that older groups receives daesang during THAT era! That era where all the iconic and the pioneer of kpops was still active. I’m sorry but I just can’t see the validity of nowadys’ daesang. Send hate or mock me all you want. Its not like ill read it.

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