• 7 months ago

I just wanna confess it to lessen my burdens so… No more intros, just detailed confessions. I’m your definitely straight A girl, academic grades won’t even bulge to go B+ and below… I am the type of girl who has smiles and advices for everyone I am close (imma definitely an introvert)… I admitted and accepted the fact that I’m overweight so, I won’t even give a bulge like they thought…. But the truth is, their advices, warnings isn’t really helpful! It makes me feel like they don’t really like me as who am I, comparing their pety bodies to me?! Like I was the standard, or epitome of being a fat woman! How shit they are? It maes me feel awful at myself… It makes me feel so worthless like a crap. Those warns were insults in my part, that gets my self-esteem and confidence extremely go down the hill and making me want myself to be better off dead…

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