• 8 months ago

My mother deleted the phone number and told I would never get them she’s terrified that I want to give you something She said she would do everything in her power to keep us from talking I’m not sure if that was your intention or not but that is kind of what happens when you get them involved. I asked him to call you back and they refused they said they would not lower themselves and neither would I… Do you see where I grew up with and why I would really rather they not be involved it’s none of their business what I do or don’t do what I spend or don’t spend. It probably was a poor choice to ask someone else to do it on my behalf to text you but I was genuinely afraid I don’t know why I have issues with that I just do and I don’t know what else he said so I apologize. I’m not really doing that great myself but that’s not why I wanted to reach out to you I genuinely wanted to see how you were doing and I genuinely do care and I really didn’t feel bad they didn’t do some things that I should’ve But that’s none of my parents business I really do miss you care about you and I don’t wanna bother you and I hope you’re OK my mom says you’re doing well I don’t know if your conversation with her congrats on getting married 🙂 I love you and I always wish you good things I didn’t mean harm with any of this I literally am afraid to reach out to you especially if it’s not wanted

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