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And also, if you are a god damn woman pissed off because I’m not giving you shit I’ll say it again, get over it. you could either be…

a woman I knew from my past who intentionally put things in front of us that are impossible to move, fine, but you killed us. I’m saying I want nothing at all to do with you or anything that has to do with you, that could be all the people in your life, boyfriends, kids, friends, whatever anymore. Some of that shit can’t even be dismissed for age and not knowing. They’re strong walls right in between. Damage is done, what can I say? The bridge in between the walls was also blown to smithereens too.

Could be a woman who I have never met but don’t want anything to do with, especially if you caused bullshit out of spite. That means I don’t want to know you, that kind of behaviour means there is potential for bullshit in the future. If it’s this much bullshit when I don’t know you, how bad will it get when the novelty wears off? My guess is pretty bad, but on top of that there is absolutely a great deal of bullshit in the circle of people you are chained to. For life. That alone doesn’t sound like very much fun to me. Don’t get all pissed off there was nothing there ever anyway. You can’t be so obsessed with a person you have never even met. Especially at this point in time.

Get over it. Shit’s pretty simple in life. Common sense. If you like or want something, need it in some way, don’t ever want to lose it, don’t drive it into the ground playing games and if you do, there’s consequences. It’s like any other machine, if you push it too hard for too long, you bitches blow the engine, like the retards you can be. Common sense. Top it up with oil, at least check the fucking oil every once in a while you dumb twats! It’s all fun and games until you break the machine.

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