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Yawn are you in high school? You’re big talk behind a computer screen. Really though? Don’t you have work or some commitment in your life that would not allow you to get on a plane and meet me behind the paseball field?

Are you fucking retarded? Really. How old are you? That was the first point if your looking at it logically, you MUST have something going on in your life, work, a family, but hat keeps you from doing it, and if not, how do you affords to go anywhere in the world to fight somebody who made you mad on the internet?

I’m a pretty strong mother fucker. Great shape too, and I’m older. You have never heard someone tell you to “never fuck with an old man?” They are strong. I heard that when I was a kid, not that I’m all that old now, but I’m a strong, agile, mature man. Im fast. I bet you I could kick your ass. I’m tough too. Really tough being realistic. I’m very, very active everyday. It takes good speed agility and strength to do what I do, like I do it, everyday. I’m pretty confident I could kick your ass, or at least make you wish you hadn’t fucked with me… if it came down to that. I’m pretty fearless too.

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