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It scares me but at the same time I like the chaos of America. Everytime there’s a mass shooting, I’m honestly overjoyed by the fact that white people, especially white American men will be getting the blame for it & that the majority of the victims are white. I’m not sure if I hate white people, though….. I am If I do, I have no problem with that, its just that I don’t really feel hatred it’s more so that I probably just don’t really care much about what happens to them. They just aren’t vital and haven’t invented anything lifechanging since the lightbulb in the 1800s which they probably didn’t even invent so if they had never been in existence, I really don’t think human life would be so unbearable as humans have been rolling right along since bwfore they even came about. I think if they all disappeared over time….. their absence would also make no real difference since there are already so many countries, Asian in particular, just waiting for the moment to become the new world leaders & have practicality better standards of living in just about ever aspect I can think of as well as being technologically superior. I’m rambling…….. back to white Americans, I like how they think the answer is more guns (I’m a gun owner myself) however, the logic of adding armed personnel does not stop the increase of mass shootings and they dont really seem to comprehend this. I like how foolish white men are with things that make total and perfect logical sense to their benefit, and yet their the denial and deflection just sets them up for more despair. I really like that about them. They’re very foolish, idk what other word to use. But anywho, I like the chaos of America, hopefully it will lead to the destruction of the white race. I also, like how some reading will assume I’m black & go on a rant about black people as if that is going to negate anything. I really like their obsession with black men, I think black people are cool and the brutality of them is unfortunate but it is fact this very thing that keeps white people so distracted from what their real issues are and thus, aids in continuing their own eventual downfall.

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