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I sit here at 430am, on my couch dog at my side. Born in 1991 im young im “old” but not too old. I can say im lucky to be here, not dead by OD on the magic powder, or killed by a person who is bitter of another religion or race of people who takes it out by leading a mass murder…..or by my own hands. Im still here. ive seen parts of this beautiful world that many have not. Ive met people with less belongings than my dog and people who live a lavish life of of luxury homes and cars. Ive seen the world change from different styles of clothing and music, to having the ability to tap on a screen pick a movie and watch it from my cell phone…..I still remember casettes and floppy disks. I went from watching Saturday morning cartoons and riding my bicycle to owning a home and now having desires to teach someone else how to ride a bike… how life changes, such a beautiful yet sad slow hour glass of life. froot loops and weed some of the sweetest memories of life can only be found in such a combination.

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