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I’m sorry but stalking and not letting someone go is too different things and if you are able to let someone go easy as that then you never really loved them in the first place. A person you love is someone you never give up on even if they told you no a lot of times, because one day they might actually see what they were missing out on.. if you’re able to move on and find someone else that quick that wasn’t love that was infatuation and stalking is creepy and disgusting nobody should be spying on you even if they love you and if you don’t have the guts to say or do something then you’re allowing the stalking to happen and you actually like them. Stop excusing yourself for attention.

Love is endless. Every love story is different even if it’s a bad one. Love happens in different ways. The way you see love may not be the way someone else sees it. So stop saying this or that isn’t love cause anything can be a form of love even if it’s not healthy.

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