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My friend is a notorious cheater who is married to a very beautiful woman he doesn’t deserve. I’m not gonna say I’m in love with her, but I really like her a lot and I can tell she likes me too, but she’s married to my friend who is a cheating fucking asshole.

He’s been fucking the receptionist at our office and a barista at the Starbucks in our office building lobby, and I found out he’s also fucking a flight attendant we met on our way to California for a trade conference.

Yes, he’s a pretty boy and he stays in shape and we make good money so I get why women dig him so much. I get it. But his wife is a super smart, sweet, kind, beautiful woman with a wicked sense humor. Why are you cheating on her?

For some reason I’m obsessed with the idea of breaking them up.

I entertained the idea of hiring an escort to date me for a few months who I will pretend to really be into and confide in him all the freaky things she does in bed. But I’m gonna have her flirt with him and sleep with him for a for a few weeks so the detective I hire will get pics of him and her and the other women he’s fucking this way I have a great excuse for exposing him to his wife.

Then maybe after they are divorced I could swoop in and date her.

I know that’s a stupid idea…

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